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Are you ready to go on a journey of self-discovery? Do you have a goal that you want to achieve, or a fear that you want to overcome?

Transformative coaching encourages you to adopt a growth mindset and helps you to see things from a fresh perspective. It opens up new ways of thinking, bringing deep and sustainable changes to your life.

I want to empower and support you to realise your full potential in an open, honest and welcoming environment.

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About me

Hi. I'm Helen Pomphrey, a qualified transformational coach. I'll help you work out what you want from your life or career, what really matters to you and what's getting in your way. 

My personal experience of being coached gave me a much stronger sense of self and allowed me to find my own path through life. I learnt that there are lots of different ways to see the world, and many different ways to live a meaningful and fulfilled life. 

As well as working as a coach, I am a Marketing Director, and have worked in marketing for over 15 years, most of that time in small to medium fast-growing food & drinks businesses.

I'm originally from The Wirral and have spent most of my adult life in London, making me a true hybrid of a Merseysider and a Londoner. I currently live in Shepherds Bush. 

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Work with me

Transformational coaching allows reflection and offers new ways of looking at things that you may not have considered before.  It focuses on the present and future, and is most effective when you are motivated to make some changes in your life and are willing to challenge yourself.

I’m in it with you, right from the start. I’m calm, compassionate and supportive. I will use a number of different tools and techniques to help you learn more about yourself, and while it might feel challenging at times, we’ll work at your pace, making progress in each session.

I'll help you recognise patterns that exist in your thinking, feelings and behaviour that are stopping you from moving forwards. I will help you to identify how to change them to give yourself a better outcome.

My training means I can coach you on anything – however I specialise in the following areas:

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Navigating your career

I will help you explore your ideal career path, and to build the confidence you need to drive your own development. 

I have a particular interest in supporting women to find their place and their voice in the workplace, and give them the support and courage that is sometimes needed to challenge existing ways of doing things.

I work with people of all backgrounds, and specialise in working with:

  • Future leaders (those in their first leaderhip role)

  • Founders & leaders in SMEs and start ups

Finding Your Purpose

You’re ready for a new challenge, but aren’t sure what you really want to do. You like your job, but it doesn’t excite you anymore. You want to find your life purpose, but you don’t know where to start.

Finding your purpose doesn’t mean breaking a world record, or quitting your job. It’s about finding meaning and fulfillment in your life. Having the right balance between challenge and enjoyment. And waking up feeling motivated and engaged with life.

I believe that you know what your purpose is, you just need to find it. I will help you explore your inner world of values, beliefs and assumptions to help you discover what really makes you tick.

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Life coaching for women

I work with women of all ages who are not following a traditional life path of marriage, children or long-term partnership - whether through choice or circumstance. It can be difficult to know whether you are doing things ‘right’ when you’re not meeting the traditional markers of success.

I can help you explore your feelings around this, supporting you to question the societal pressures that are placed upon us, create your own definition of success and unlock opportunities for you to create your own path to a fulfilling life that is uniquely yours.

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"Helen coached a Senior Marketing Manager at CAROL BIke and accelerated her progression to the Head of Marketing role. Helen's empathy and ability to find the right motivation to change helped the manager see the difference between manager and head-of mindsets as well as giving her the confidence to lead others. As a result of coaching, her performance improved dramatically and she was promoted within 6 months of the coaching starting"

Victoria, Fractional CMO

‘Helen massively helped me through a big moment of transition of moving into starting my own business. She brought calm and patient questioning to move me into action. She has this knack of asking that killer question that flipped the situation on its head, allowing me to re-examine old thoughts, patterns to unlock and giving me new perspectives.  I really recommend her as a coach’

Orr, Founder

‘Helen helped me to recognise what is holding me back from feeling more fulfilled in my life. She made me feel incredibly comfortable, so I was able to open up and feel listened to’


‘Just wanted to say thank you so much for the session we had a few weeks ago. It has really helped me set my own goals and consider my individual development in a new light, one which I wouldn’t have considered without having a space to open up. It has really helped my development’

Sunnii, Senior Account Executive (Advertising Agency)

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If you have any questions, would like to discuss fees or would like to explore working with me, I'd love to hear from you. Send me a message using the form below or send me an email.

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