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Are you ready to go on a journey of self-discovery?

As a life coach, I specialise in empowering women in their 30s or 40s who are not following a traditional life path of children, marriage or long term partnership, whether through choice or circumstance.

In a world that's set up for the nuclear family, it's common to feel uncertain whether you're doing things 'right' when you're not following the traditional markers of success, and easy to doubt yourself and your choices.

If you find yourself feeling like a blend of the conventional and the unconventional, struggling with societal expectations while staying true to yourself, you're not alone. Together we can challenge the pressures imposed by society and redefine your path to success.

Let's create a space where you can find your unique path, unlock new opportunities and craft a fulfilling life that reflects who you truly are. Say goodbye to doubts and uncertainties and hello to a future where your choices lead to genuine happiness and fulfilment. 

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About me

Hi. I'm Helen Pomphrey, a qualified transformational coach. I'll help you work out what you want from your life or career, what really matters to you and what's getting in your way. 

My personal experience of being coached gave me a much stronger sense of self and allowed me to find my own path through life. I learnt that there are lots of different ways to see the world, and many different ways to live a meaningful and fulfilled life. 

I'm originally from The Wirral and have spent most of my adult life in London, making me a true hybrid of a Merseysider and a Londoner. I currently live in Shepherds Bush. 

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Work with me

Transformational coaching allows reflection and offers new ways of looking at things that you may not have considered before. It focuses on the present and future, and is most effective when you are motivated to make some changes in your life and are willing to challenge yourself.

I’m in it with you, right from the start. I’m calm, compassionate and supportive. I will use a number of different tools and techniques to help you learn more about yourself, and while it might feel challenging at times, we’ll work at your pace, making progress in each session.

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What life would you choose if you removed all expectations? While things are changing fast, we still live in a world which values the traditional family. However, with marriage rates declining and divorce rates still high, it makes sense to challenge whether this really is the only life path.

I want to support you to explore what a great life looks like for you, exploring possibilities you may never have imagined - whether it's alternative relationships, co-living and communities, single parenthood or just embracing complete freedom - helping you feel confident and excited for the future.

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'Helen is an exceptional coach. She exudes warmth and authenticity, with attentive listening skills while expertly guiding you through the coaching process to unlock fresh and valuable insights. Don't miss out on the opportunity to partner with Helen and witness the positive impact she can make in your life.’


‘Helen helped me to recognise what is holding me back from feeling more fulfilled in my life. She made me feel incredibly comfortable, so I was able to open up and feel listened to’


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Pay As You Go

This gives you the flexibility to decide what's right for you in terms of frequency and timings of sessions. This covers a 60 minute online session.


3 month program

This includes 6 fortnightly sessions over a 3 month period. We'll agree a clear outcome and use a series of tools and techniques to support your journey. Includes a free 30 minute kick off session.

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If you have any questions, would like to discuss fees or would like to explore working with me, I'd love to hear from you. Send me a message using the form below or send me an email.

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